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"It was only in the theatre that I lived." 
                                        -Oscar Wilde


Stephanie was bitten by "the bug" at the ripe old age of 7 after starring as a butterfly in a school play, and she hasn't stopped since. For the past 20+ years she has been making her mark in the theater world. 

She has had the wonderful privilege of performing with many companies, including Theater for Young America, the Barn Players, Theater UnCorked, Cohasset Dramatic Company, Boston Children's Theatre, Metropolitan Ensemble Theater, Mind's Eye Theatre, Shawnee Mission Theater in the Park, Seem to Be Players, and The Mystery Train, to name a few. In addition to on stage, she can also be found on screen and in print on occasion

As a teaching artist, Stephanie has worked with Wheelock Family Theatre, Open Door Arts, The Coterie, Disney Musicals In Schools, Starlight Theater, Theater UnCorked, The Kansas City Public Library, and The Brookwood School, as well as an acting coach for individual actors. Whether it be in a classroom setting, via Zoom, or working on one on, she delves into a variety of areas in the theatre world, from exploring imaginary lands and                                                           characters,  to digging further into the nitty gritty of plays, music, and theater, with her students. 

                                              Along with theatre, the other loves in her life are her amazing husband, their two crazy cats, and exploring the New                                                    England area.

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